Feedback and suggestions after the donation plugin

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Feedback and suggestions after the donation plugin

Post by AkrameAkay » Wed Apr 04, 2018 6:45 pm

i love the idea of the donor, i know you trying to work on getting payment better, so i got no suggestions for that, its just perfect!
some players think its a pay to win situation now, but i dont agree with that.

After i knew that the source of the many players is a 30k subs youtuber, i noticed that its a bad idea to not talk a bit to players! in that video he said that you get respond, but it doesnt seem like it is, its pater's fault tbh, cause many players think now that Silence = proness! wich is totally wrong.
i suggest to all the players to start talking a bit more than they do to others, i know its crazy to ask that, but it would help the server a bit, + all the staff, no exceptions, dont talk to players, only sometimes.
if you will say i say that then i should talk, im tired of the , meh, whatever, i spent the last 2 years of my life talking to people giving them hope on the server, you taught im not qualified enaugh, then tell the people that you did trust, to give some time to new players, make them feel its a society.

the new chestshop plugin prevents us as players from doing the casino thingy.

so thats all for the changes i noticed recently on the server.

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Re: Feedback and suggestions after the donation plugin

Post by Destitution_ » Thu Apr 05, 2018 1:31 am

Thank you, I also don't regret the ranks.
but 1 thing is a disadvantage I find anyway and I find regrettable for the members
because the one who have ranks sometimes
make abuse of member that they feel more important.

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