awesometj2k staff app 2.0

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awesometj2k staff app 2.0

Post by awesometj2k » Tue Feb 20, 2018 11:00 am

first of all guys this is almost the same app from before with a lil tweaks here and there and more info added
In Game Name: awesometj2k

Age : 17.5

Location India

Timezone: +5:30 GMT

Some Things About Me:
My real name is Tarun Jangra and was born in chandigarh(the city beautiful) India. I study in Grade 12.
Im an average Indian guy busting his pants of studying to get in a good engineering college. I study allmost 6-8 hours a day.(not very good according to parents xD)
So i get 2 hours breaks in between and that is when i play strongcraft survival. im online every 2 hours approximately for all of the day
Minecraft related: I SUCK AT PvP and im ok-ish at redstone nothing like creepineer but okish
Ive been playing on the server continously for atleast 4 months and has clocked a lot of hours ingame.

Any Previous Experience with Moderation
Unfortunately NO.

Why Do You want to be a Staff Member:
There are a couple of Reasons-

*The First and Main is that im online on the server a lot and when im on all of the staff is sleeping except kiichu sometimes.
so that is the time when people try to hack and to tp kill(i wont say names just now)(IRRELEVANT POINT)

*Now as i said in previous point and kii is not a staff anymore so absolutely no staff is online at midday NONE.

*Ive also been helping the server out by recording and screenshoting hackers for a long time ad reporting to staff. So i think i should be given an opportunity

* All my reasons are due to timezone and many a times a hacker is just on the server and im reporting on discord and the all the staff is asleep{im not complaining)(we gotta sleep) and eventually he logs off and gets banned after he has done the destruction (Its like police in Bollywood :lol: )

* The next Reason is i wanna fly xD no seriously i do. i can build complex redstone circuits with ease and make my life a lot easier

*The next reason is absence of good staff(no names xD) some people may abuse the powers and we have to help those are getting abused

*I feel good when I'm able to help other people and bring them joy. I do help a lot of new comers still by giving them an initial boost so they keep playing on the server

Which Server are you applying for?
I play on survival and Creative and now skyblock too

When did I start playing minecraft? :
Probably 3-4 years ago when a friend of mine was talking about minecraft getting released on phones.

What languages do you speak: English Hindi and little Spanish

How many hours can I contribute?
Alteast 3 hours daily probably 4 to 5

Any additional information id like to add:
Yea just that ill always be loyal to the server and never abuse my powers or turn my back on it.

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Re: awesometj2k staff app 2.0

Post by ProBi2X » Tue Feb 20, 2018 1:03 pm


According to the "Fuck em Staff Apps" Section 5 Article 2 you may not use old staff applications
to submit a new one with tweaks. You can submit a new one within 15 days.

- Sidenote

You did miss a lot of required questions.

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Re: awesometj2k staff app 2.0

Post by Jessedg_ » Tue Feb 20, 2018 2:32 pm

I support this man

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Re: awesometj2k staff app 2.0

Post by Destitution_ » Wed Feb 21, 2018 12:28 pm

I think it is a wonderful application :)

- GaMingN21

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Re: awesometj2k staff app 2.0

Post by awesometj2k » Wed Feb 21, 2018 4:28 pm

Its nice that you like it GaMingN21