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Post by Andrej » Sun Mar 11, 2018 5:27 pm

This page was empty so thought I could make a small post.

Many new players on creative are actually pretty stupid. No offence to you, but you keep saying "I can't build" or in most cases "use/build"
I always tell them "do /p auto" and they just ignore me and leave.

Oh come on even if I didn't tell you about the command it is written on spawn!

Do they even read?..

Also never add strangers to your plots. Or trust all of your friends really.
If you are like me and Ozne were and had 20 people trusted, you will most likely get griefed.
The funny thing is I removed everyone only left my 3 closest friends, and one of them was the griefer (tho his brother using his account not him. You could obviously see the grammar difference.)

True story, I got griefed 28 times.
Had to reset full plots twice..
Just be careful okay?

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Re: Creative

Post by CoolProgrammer » Mon May 14, 2018 5:33 am

Hey! Hello! What you said is true :)
Maybe most of the noobs don't really want to read, or learn the commands!
That what makes them to get griefed sometimes.
My advice for noobs:
1.) Please do /p help or do /plots help to see all the commands.
2.) I suggest you (new players) as a beginner to us full forms of the commands to learn e.g. /plots auto
3.) If you need help, ask other players politely and in a perfect manner.
(i) Avoid such: "Hey, why can't I build here?"
If you ask such question, players may be confused and may be least interested to help you.
(ii) Prefer such: "Hello! I am new here on this server :) Please can you help me with some commands?"
OR "Hello! Can you tell me the basic command for Creative? Is it /plots help?"
4.) Be calm and play fro a few days. If you need further help, for example: you need help in nick name or help in heads maybe, you could search on Google Search Engine (best thing ever than none other). Try Googling "minecraft nick name plugin commands" or "minecraft heads plugin commands."
5.) Once you find the command, you can use the command in the server. Don't worry if you get a permission note like: "You are not allowed the command." or "You lake the permission of the command". Its simply that no other normal players have permission to use that command.
6.) All the Best! Hope you develop intrest and learn commands! :)

Thank you.

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Re: Creative

Post by Destitution_ » Mon May 14, 2018 10:38 am

Nicely explained!
But I don't mention that noobs really,
its just starters who don't know it yet but noob isn't real.
And of course if your plot is griefed by a player you can always contact us. ;)

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Re: Creative

Post by Andrej » Sun May 27, 2018 11:09 am

What is annoying is they literally. I mean, LITERALLY always say the same thing which is kinda even weird to me. Like they are all some clones lmao.

They just say ''/use''

Unless some exceptions.

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