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FAQ & HowTo

Post by Ryan » Fri Mar 02, 2018 8:35 am

You find yourself marooned on an island in the sky with just a cow and a chest of strange items. Don't fall! Moo!

Basic commands (full list in /is help)

/is - generates a new island
/is go - teleport to your island
/is biomes - open the biomes GUI
/is cp or control panel - island control panel
/is expel - removes a visitor from your iisland
/is reset or restart - restarts an is
/is level - ranks the island
/is top - shows the Top 10 islands by rank
/is warps - lists warps that are available via Welcome Warp Signs
/is warp <name> - warps to a Welcome Warp Sign
/challenge - shows the challenges available to the player

Welcome Warp Signs

Welcome Warp Signs are an easy way for players to make warps. Each player can generate only one warp. You can create a warp by placing a sign with the first line [WELCOME] on it. If the warp creation is successful, that line will become green. If there is a problem, it will become red.

Can I fly?

Yes, you can use /is fly once your island level reaches 1.000.000.

Does this server use Magic Cobblestone Generator?


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