Hello i am Kii

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Hello i am Kii

Post by kiichu » Mon Mar 05, 2018 8:16 pm

My name is Kiichu. No it's Noah...actually my name is Djordy Boelen from Maastricht. You all know me as Kiichu, either the ''nice'' or the ''hated''. This conflict has amused and both unnerved me for a long while. Especially since a simple rank gives people power. Let me tell you one thing first before i start; My heart. My perogative in life makes me do the same thing irl or in a game. I am a strong personality many can hide behind and others love to destroy because of they are inadequate. This is called being human! I can help many find their strength and also help many find their boxing target. I would rather you take it out on me than your family or whomever you meet next in your life. This is the story of what i actually do and why. I show people my anger because in my years i've learned particular patterns in some people. I bait them out and have a word with them and regardless of them hating me for it they will one day realise why. Kii why did you tell me to stop cussing all the time? I will use Akrame as an example and i hope he agrees. For a long time i've been telling him to stop being so offensive, to think about things but he refused and rage came. A while later he talked to his mother. I do not know the mothers quote directly (Do post it if you remember akra) but it was almost exactly what i said. This kept going on and on and on for others aswell. People make you an enemy because they feel hurt. And now those that felt that miss me. This however does not excuse me from what i did. I went overboard and this is my apology to you aswell. But know i always hated that, the drama that followed. I am a very heartfelt man, yes 31 that does not mean i do not care. My old job was child psychology. Now that i am sick beyond ''repair'' so to speak. I still believe in it. I just wish some people would lay down their guns. I'm not lucifer. I am not heartless. I just wish more spoke to me. Some of you may have read about me being a father of five and the comments to that. Those i did punish deserved it. I will quote from Ryan himself as he demoted me for it!

''By joining StrongCraft you agree to follow our TOS and rules. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse for breaking them. Also keep in mind punishments can get more severe for repetitive offenders''

I was extreme though to some that didn't deserve it. Please forgive me. If not, then you have a reason to hate me. Just talk to me about it.

Love you all,

Ex-Staff Kii

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Re: Hello i am Kii

Post by FreezingKai » Wed Mar 07, 2018 6:52 pm

Weird name thought :P

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