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Staff application

Post by Dave_Of_Spades » Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:23 pm

My name is John or Dave_Of_Spades

I'm 14 and I'll be 15 February 14th

Time zone is CST

I have school but I will sometimes be able to check in before school and I'm usually watching the chat since I can't play until my computer is fixed. When it is I will clock countless hours because I have been up to 4AM just playing and building on this server.

I come from a place called Auburn,Alabama

I speak only English but I'm trying to learn Spanish

I'm applying for Survival, Creative, maybe factions and lobby when I have nothing to do.

I have no game experience of moderation but I've been a helper at some summer camps before, sadly I doubt that counts for this application.

I like to play games and chat with players and just think, I love taking stuff apart and putting it back together while trying to improve it.
I like to read, draw, and edit stuff.
I'm currently thinking about starting a utube channel for me and my friends about game play. Such as Titanfall 2, Speed runner, GTA V, watchdogs 2, DayZ (possibly), The Division, CSGO (maybe), Battlefield 1, and Player Unknown BattleGrounds, ect.

I'd like to help out the community and keep all the racist comments out of our server because 1) I hate racism and 2) ive gotten annoyed by seeing it by several players when my computer wasn't broken in creative mode. I'd like to say I'm a great builder but ik others are better than me but I'm open to constructive criticism (not just criticism) so I'd like to hopefully be a jr.helper or builder for the server. I had intended on making a dungeon in creative then remaking it in survival when I was done and it would be open to the public. If I could at least have materials for this and this alone I feel I could at least help out the community.

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Re: Staff application

Post by CastelDidHarambe » Sat Feb 10, 2018 1:22 pm

if this guy becomes staff ill kms irl and ig