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Hi I'm new to your server but I realy like it and I follow the rules :) I don't like it when people are being mean or fighting I will asways try to stop them i joined your server because of a youtuber and i did not know i would like it but i do i love your server so far i have been on a lot my first account was IBalisticchub i hope you accept me thx :D :D :D Discord!Image

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Re: mod?

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As you said that you are new to the server, but I highly recommend playing on the server for 2-3 months before appling for staff, that way the players can get to know you better. Also when I say this I mean on all four servers (Creative, Skyblock, Survival and Factions). Also failed to follow the Staff Application Format which has been posted on here before. Please wait 15 days until you can reapply for staff. Thank you joining the server and hope you have a great time while playing with us.

Staff Application Format



Where are you from:

Your Timezone (GMT):

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Any previous experience with any kind of moderation:

Why do you want to be staff?

Which server are you applying for?

When did you start playing Minecraft:

What languages do you speak:

How many hours can you contribute each day and which days:.

Any additional informational you'd like to add: